So as you may or may not know by now, I have recently moved to NYC.  I’ve made several comments about the move and posted a few related pictures on my Instagram and Twitter.  Whether or not this move will be long-lived or short, I am not sure.  The city is very different from my home back in the mountains. (In a good way!)  I am slowly adjusting to all the walking and getting used to the price of a cold beer!   Either way, I am excited to be here, meet a bunch of people and experience all this city has to offer.

Until then, I give you a few photos taken outside the city this past weekend.


The other day I was able to tag along with Nicole on a little shoot she was working on.  We hoped in the car and drove out towards the coast to a little house.  The area was beautiful. Secluded, wooded and of course right on the water.    We were able to tour a few homes and see some fantastic gardens.  We went in one of the few remaining boathouses and took a boat out to fish.  It was a great escape from the city and so nice to get out on the water.  Here are the bits and pieces of what I saw that day.

Thanks Nicole for asking me to help out!


Hope your week is off to a great start!

Go out and enjoy the summer!



Also… the blog is under some new layout changes. Please excuse any giant photos or poor text layout!

16 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. These pictures are as well a present for my soul in a deep-blue-grey flood rainy day over Salzburg and a delightful reminder of my childhood in Austria … I also would love to be there – in these pics …

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  3. These are great, Tim. Congrats on the move + best of luck settling in to a new groove. Can’t wait to see your photos in the new scenery.

  4. tim, you never fail to captivate with your photography. stunning – even in the simplest of things. good luck w/ your new home in NYC. sounds very exciting!

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