Breakfast recently.

This morning: Fried egg on toasted baguette with avocado, pickled jalapeños, tomato jam, jack cheese, cumin, cilantro and a dash of hot sauce.

Coffee on the side, of course.

What did you have?

21 thoughts on “Breakfast.

  1. jalapeños for breakfast? wow, you are really courageous! =D
    I had just toast with ham and cheese and coffee – classical..

  2. Stunning photography!

    This morning for breakfast, I had cereal with walnuts, vanilla soymilk and frozen chopped banana. Nothing fancy at all, but it felt right.

    Oh. And, of course, I also drank a cup of coffee to warm me up after eating that frozen chopped banana. 😉

  3. A smoothie was my breakfast. But I just wanted to tell you how lovely all of your pictures are. They are so beautiful and the details that you capture show a lot about the overall image.

  4. Absolutely inspired by your photography! And your cool breakfast…mine was horrible this morning, I don’t even want to tell what it was. Again, awesome job on everything!

  5. I am just having pumpkin muffins, with green almond tea… but i wish i had an avocado somewhere in the frigde to enjoy that lovely toast of yours!

  6. I love you breakfast too!! I had a double breakfast this morning to fuel this machine. 😉

    blueberry golden flax seed soy protein shake @ 5:30am
    cup-o-oatmeal and banana with a side of delicous coffee @ 10:30am

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