(all photos were taken on my phone)

Jackets and scarves.
Lots of coffee, pressed.
A trip to Portland, Maine.
Some early October snow.
Massachusetts and back.
Long drives into the setting sun.
Food and drinks in Nashville, TN.
Friends back in the mountains.
Collecting rocks on the shore.
Fall fading to winter.
Coastal dining–lobstahhh and the best scallops Ive ever had.
Gelato–goat cheese with cherries and salted caramel pecan. I died.
Sharp autumn light. Different every day.
The last of the apples.
Moving soon.

More later.


11 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. phenomenal story-telling collection. really really love it. might love it on my wall if you were to ever any of these…the first or second set of 3×3 especially.

  2. if you ever come to Rome, you must get some gelato at claudio torce. its homemade and all natural. They have 70 flavors everyday (about 20 chocolate ones) and crazy combos like brie + berries or rice pudding with spices. you will love it

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