Every year about this time, we head out to our favorite apple orchard.
We pick just before the sun goes down.
Weaving in and out between the trees.
Tasting as we go.


( Please excuse the changes and lack of activity around here. The blog and portfolio are under construction.)

14 thoughts on “Apples.

  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the coloring… so autumnal, but so vibrant.

    I’m an agriculture major in college, and one of my classes is “Orchard Science”… at the start of class, the professor brings us to the storeroom to get apples to snack on while he teaches. Then he teaches us, outside in the orchard, where we grab a few more off the trees and taste as we learn… I am quite a fan of apple orchards.

  2. Amazing photos! You captured the mood and feeling of Autumn perfectly! Random question. What kind of equipment do you shoot with? Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Since apples are one of my joys of the autumn season, I found this collection of beautiful images a particular delight.

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