Breakfast Lately…


Yes, I know. Im really late to the Nutella party. I don’t care. Im gonna pretend it just hit the shelves.
Im gonna eat it on any piece of toasted bread I can get my hands on. Any piece of fruit I can slice up.
Im gonna eat it on raisin bread with toasted almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt. Hell, Im gonna eat it straight out of the jar on a spoon.

Its like chocolate frosting, but better. I keep telling myself its gotta be healthy. Could you not frost a cake with this stuff? I wouldn’t know the difference if ya did.

I owe this new addiction to my good friend, Suzanne. She has sketched/blogged about this stuff for years, but I’ve never tried it. The other night she gave me a fresh jar of the stuff and since then I’ve smeared it on whatever I’ve eaten for breakfast.

Im hooked eating it on toast with a bit of salt, but would love to know other ways to enjoy the hazelnut-chocolate spread. So, how do you eat your Nutella?


34 thoughts on “Breakfast Lately…

  1. I used to eat it on toast. I’ve frosted a cake with it. But when at least a couple of jars disappeared with just the use of a tablespoon, I quit.

  2. my neighbors growing up always had nutella in the house. i thought they were the coolest. i’m pretty much a purist and like it on bread, (especially brioche – grilled as a sandwich) but a friend dips her pretzels in it and uses it for chocolate croissants and crepes.

  3. Sweet shots, Tim. I put Nutella in fruit smoothies, on bagels/toast, and drunk by the spoonfuls. No worse for you than peanut butter and stuff tastes great.

  4. Drizzled on bananas and strawberries. I once made a waffle banana nutella sandwich. It was obnoxious. But it was good.

  5. you’ve never tried it before!?!?! oh man. i realize that it’s perfect on and with just about everything. but my favorite way to eat nutella is directly from the jar with a spoon. which is exactly why i don’t keep it in the house!

    (ps. do you know about the nutella-jar juice-glasses? not sure whether they are sold in this country, or only in europe. but we have a little collection that we love.)

  6. i spread it on crepes, add very small pear slices. roll them up, drizzle with honey and crushed hazelnuts and bake for like ten minutes. it’s really exceptional.

  7. everybody loves Nutella!!! i’ve learned to let it go after a long time eating it with a spoon straight from the jar. besos!

  8. ha!! We were doing a wedding in France (I worked at a B and B in rural France) and ran out of one of the wedding cake ingredients for frosting– we were totally screwed and I suggested using Nutella. My friend was like, “no way, that’s so unprofessional.” But, we did, and everyone LOVED it– it became the new wedding cake standard at all the weddings!

  9. get a banana, marshmallows and nutella. make a slice down one side of the banana length-wise (leave the skin on). stuff a bunch of marshmallows and nutella in. wrap banana in foil, toss in the fire/grill/oven. wait a little while, pull out, eat with a spoon directly from the banana.

  10. HAHAHA this is hilarious!!! I’m glad you’ve discovered the joy and wonder of Nutella. I eat it almost everday for breakfast on toast. Have you ever heard of banana/nutella turnovers?? If you’re interested, here’s my post on it – They’re delicious!

  11. dude, nutella rocks my world. I actually have to keep it out of the house to prevent me from sneaking into the kitchen at random hours of the day, dipping my spoon straight in. Seriously no joke, nutella and I have a problem. My boyfriend has the same addition, better left away 🙂 Same goes for all things chocolate or cookies. hehe

  12. I like to put a spoonful in my coffee. I like it on sandwiches with pb or strawberry jam (I’ve found that both at the same time is too sweet — so I usually put pb on one half of a piece of bread and the jam on the other half of the same piece).

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  14. Between two slices of good bread, with bacon–then toasted in a hot pan grilled cheese style. Sounds a little crazy, but it is salty-sweet deliciousness.

    Hope you’re well!


  15. I just found your blog and find it absolutely stunning. But what I wanted to say is that although I’m not a big fan of Nutella, I am exceptionally happy to hear that someone else puts sea salt on their toast! I thought I was the only one… 🙂

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