Summer so far…

Summer has been good so far. Really good. Full of great food, drinks, family and friends. Lots of summer fruits and veggies. Eating outside and ice-cold beers. Its hard to believe we are almost half way through July.

But I want to talk about the drink pictured in the top image. I am all about a good cocktail. Especially a cold one during these hot summer months. This one does the trick.

On a recent trip to the mountains, my brother-in-laws family gave me a huge bucket of fresh picked blackberries. (pictured above) I graciously accepted and spent the whole weekend using them in different ways. We made a cobbler, we made jam, we cooked them to a syrup and poured it over pecan pancakes. But, I had recently read somewhere about summer cocktails using all sorts of berries, mint and rosemary, (yes, rosemary) so I wanted to give some a try.

I muddled about 5 large blackberries and a couple sprigs of mint with about a teaspoon of sugar in the bottom of a small glass. I added about a shot of gin, (you could use vodka) a wedge of lime, ( throw the lime in the glass after squeezing) and topped it off with lots of ice and some club soda. Now take a short sprig of rosemary and a few more sprigs of mint and just give the herbs a crush with your fingers. (Just enough to release the oils. Your nose will tell you.) Place the sprigs in the drink but dont submerge them. You want to smell the rosemary and mint as you drink the cocktail. The piney sent of the rosemary subtly infuses throughout the drink, without being too overpowering. It surprisingly adds a great freshness to the cocktail and seems to enhance the flavor of the mint.

Try it out.


33 thoughts on “Summer so far…

  1. Lovely photos & your cocktail sounds great- blackberries are one of my most favorite fruits! In lieu of fresh blackberries, I’m a huge fan of Leopold Bros Rocky Mountain Blackberry liqueurs.

  2. I always love the moments you capture. I’m immediately transported and emotionally affected. It’s powerful. I love the sound of that cocktail and will be trying to come up with an alcohol-free version as well.

  3. Your words are to the eye of the reader what I’m sure this drink is to the tongue. Not sure how someone writes to effectively. Great pics. If you can’t find a use for the liquor on the corner table, call me.

  4. Blackberries? We find them in September! Lucky you, I adore them, but I have to wait a little. The cocktail sounds interesting, I’d love to try it.

  5. first, this is by far my most favorite series of photos i’ve seen you post. i kept wanting to say, “this one is my favorite. wait, no, this one. no- this one” and then, it was all of them. impossible to choose. every single photo is pure genius. i LOVE your eye.

    second, you are incredibly creative with berries! i was daughter number 3, clean up crew, and never had much draw to the kitchen and find cooking or making food of any kind laborious. so, i bow to your talents.

  6. oh lovely. this is exactly the kind of languid, lush summer I’ve been craving. it’s been far too busy with me tho, and not at all warm so thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Another fine grouping of photos. I have been inspired to take up photography, and I study your photos. I like your subject matter and style. Thank you for sharing your work so we can all be inspired. Please continue.

  8. i recently made some old cubans for a party and am fully embracing summer cocktails. (old cuban has rum, simple syrup, lime juice, mint, bitters and is topped with champagne.)

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