Im all about a gin and tonic lately.
It helps cut the summer heat.

Extra lime. (about a half of one for me.)
Good gin. (shot…or two.)
Fresh tonic. (Sometimes I use ginger ale for a twist.)
Lots of ice.

Whats your summer drink?


Hope your summer is going well.


15 thoughts on “g&t’s

  1. You know mine. But if the gin is REALLY good (Hendrick’s or Canada’s own Victoria Gin) then skip the tonic and just toss two … or three… shots over ice. Proper rocks glass, please.

  2. Fresh, cold water is my summer drink. Nothing fancy, I know, so I have no recipes to share, but I did want to share my thoughts about this striking photo. The arrangement, quality of light, and stillness put me in mind of the 17th century Dutch artist Vermeer. I hope you don’t think that an odd association. He did wonderfully composed, mesmerizing interior paintings. Even his paintings of figures are like haunting still lifes. All this to simply say, I really enjoy your images, particularly the interior photos.

  3. I was just going to write how this reminds me of a Dutch still life when I noticed the writer above mentioned the same thing:) This is a stunning photo of my favorite drink – deconstructed…

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photo. g&t is always my summer drink of choice (made with Gordon’s gin, for sure), but right now it’s mid-winter in Sydney, so I’ve been reaching for a ginger hot toddy – whisky, ginger syrup, hot water, cinnamon, cloves and a slice of lemon.

  5. i’m not quite sure how i stumbled upon your website but, i’m really glad i did. your photography is so simple and beautiful. what you capture and how you capture it really ‘speaks’ to me in a way. is that a weird or cheesy thing to say? well, regardless…i wanted to tell you how absolutely stunning your photography is and how intrigued you have me.

    my summer drink is a vodka tonic; tons of ice, lots of limes wedges all mashed up, ice cold vodka and fresh, bubbly tonic…lightly stirred.

  6. What a beautiful photograph! I too love G&T’s This has been my summer drink for the past 40 summers 🙂 It has to be a good gin and I love a dash of Angostura Bitters in mine with a slice of lime or lemon. Must try the ginger ale twist. Thank you for sharing xx

  7. Yes, G&Ts definitely FTW. Agree with others cucumber can be good replacement for lime for some gins. Also occasionally like to use Bitter Lemon instead of Tonic – doesn’t go with lime though IMHO.

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