Lauren Mack–Bridal Shoot.

click each image to  view larger!


Excited to share some of my favorite photos from a bridal shoot I did a few months back. (You might recognize her from her engagement photos I posted back in December. See those here.) I loved how they turned out.  (Especially the first and last photo).  The light, the field, the big red barn—awesome.

I just shot her wedding this past weekend. A beautiful wedding in a fantastic barn.   Ill share some of those photos soon.

Congrats Will and Lauren!


In other news, I have a big project in the works.  Something that has nothing to do with photography.  Im really excited and hope to share a preview with you soon.


18 thoughts on “Lauren Mack–Bridal Shoot.

  1. I agree, the light, the grass, the barn = fantastic. But the model too! She is gorgeous and has the most beautiful physique. Can’t wait to see their wedding photos.

  2. The first & last photos are truly awesome! Love the way you captured the details on her dress, like the buttons down the back.

  3. HI Tim, Lauren must be a v happy girl with your fab wedding shots. Love the barn, corn fields, the cowboy boots (totally unexpected but what else is a girl going to wear in a field) particularly like second and fourth shot and the last but one.Great work! Lisa:)

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