The Burning House.

My grandfathers camera.
My favorite shoes. So comfortable.
Some of my favorite bowls.
My Moleskine notebook. Full of many sketches, ideas, and dates.
My favorite shirt.
A piece of driftwood I found and love.
My laptop. My iMac would be too hard to carry.
Two full hard drives with years worth of work and photos.
My most used kitchen pans. Al Clad Ltd2 fry pan. Le Creuset dutch oven
My keys. They open and start a lot of things
My pencil bag. Full of my best pens and pencils.
My Iphone.

My friend Foster asked me a few weeks back to contribute a photo to a new site called The Burning House. I think it is a pretty cool concept and I am happy to be a part of it. Head over to see more photos and the reason behind these items.

The Burning House


16 thoughts on “The Burning House.

  1. i love this concept tim… years ago i joined a group (maybe flickr?) that posted daily photos of “what’s in your bag”… it was fun, and kind of voyeuristic seeing what others posted.
    love the aesthetically pleasing nature of your photo – its beautiful what everyday objects can achieve!
    cheers samm

  2. But how would you feel if someone came and stole all of these items (well, I’d let you keep your shoes, shirt, and keys) from your house? Awfully tempting I must say.

  3. What an awesome idea! I often think of things like this, not because I’m being negative but because I like to question the importance of an object in my life. It’s part of my enjoyment of minimalist aspects in my life. Looking forward to seeing the website.

  4. Hey, wonderful blog you’ve got here… beautiful, BEAUTIFUL photos. I love the whole feel, thanks for sharing your talent and love with us. Found you from the Burning House tumblr.

  5. hello tim! i just discovered your blog (via brian) and i think it’s such a nice place – i really, really like your photos. many sunny greetings from vienna!

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