Bits From the Weekend…

Just a few shots from the weekend.

It is so green right now. Feels like spring. Looks like summer.
Lots of flat light that comes with an afternoon thunderstorm.
Fresh herbs in the window.
We made cream biscuits and ate breakfast outside. I cant tell you how good they were.
It might be the best biscuit I have ever had.
Make them.
I ate one with Jelly.
One with sausage gravy.
A little wine and some peanuts at 5pm.

How was your weekend?


29 thoughts on “Bits From the Weekend…

  1. The photos of the tomatoes on the counter are amazing! The light in them is just so beautiful.

  2. I always love your images of greenery and day-to-day life. What are those beautiful trees? I love using bunches of herbs like bunches of flowers around the kitchen, but I’m still trying to find the best way to preserve their crunchiness and freshness. Do you have any tips? Love your posts.

    • I usually leave them in a jar of water. ( dont let the water get too high up the stems—only about an inch.) Either that or leave the herbs wrapped up in a moist paper towel in the fridge.

  3. I love the mood and light in these shots! How do you always get the light so perfect? Are they slightly underexposed?

  4. that flat light is like something out of a dream… amazing. the greens come in rich and soft at once.

    the window shot took my breath away, literally.

  5. Beautiful! I just may try those biscuits. Molly has never failed me.

    These pictures remind me of we we rent cabin for the weekend. Slow days, summer, eating, trees everywhere! Awesome.

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