The Milkshake.

I love milkshakes.
Like, really, really love milkshakes.
A good milkshake sits high up on the list of desserts for me.
Also on the list: cheesecake, anything with caramel, and oreos.
Yes, the cookie.
Not fancy enough?
Oreos are super delicious.
You know you love them, too.


I dont mess around with my milkshakes.
Many places claim they sell “real” milkshakes.

I have four rules when it comes to milkshakes.
They are…

1. It cant come out of a machine. If the only step in making my milkshake is watching a frozen mixture fall into a paper cup, I dont want it. Ok, Ill take it, but dont expect me to smile while eating it.

2. Dont put stuff in it. You know what Im talking about. I dont want you ‘blasting’ cookies in my shake, or ‘flurrying’ in some candy. I might allow some fruit from time to time. But it better be fresh fruit, ok?

3. This rule is big. Huge. If I order a chocolate milkshake, dont use vanilla ice cream and then add chocolate syrup. I want my chocolate shake made with two ingredients. Chocolate ice cream you have to dig out of a carton, and a splash of cold milk.

4. Dont give me straw. I repeat. NO STRAW. I mean, come on. What kinda shake can you suck through a straw? Ill take a spoon. Preferably plastic. Thanks.

Is that too much to ask?

Since the weather turned warm, Ive been having a chocolate milkshake everyday at 5’o clock.
Its the highlight of my day.
I make it myself.
With a fork and a thick glass.
Lately its been just a plain chocolate shake.
But Im sure Ill switch it up soon and go with a vanilla-peanut butter one.
Peanut butter…
I know, right?
A super cold, creamy, peanut butter milkshake.
You want a milkshake now, dont you?
Go get one.
Better yet, go make one.
Stop what youre doing.

Youre welcome.


Note: This is how I like my milkshake. Please enjoy your shake however you like.

37 thoughts on “The Milkshake.

  1. i literally made that exact same chocolate milkshake last night. chocolate ice cream, cold milk, hand-mixed and enjoyed with a spoon. perfection.

  2. OK, Tim. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s going to sound like blasphemy, possibly even wrong, possibly like a mistake. Possibly disgusting, even. But I assure you it is not. It is pure heaven on earth. In college, I worked in a homemade ice cream place and while experimenting we stumbled on the best milkshake ever. Brace yourself. Coffee ice cream, splash of milk and…crushed gingersnaps (the hard snappy kind). I’m not kidding. It breaks Rule #2, I know, but when I say crushed, I mean pulverized. No chunks of cookie. More like a gingersnap crumb. I would never put those two flavors together anywhere else, but together like this, beauty.

  3. what a lovely post!!
    i like the person who is seriously particular about who’s favorite food.
    and who shoots so many photos of it. 🙂
    oh, i love all your today’s pics!
    they successfully made a story.

  4. As always, Tim, you’re a genius! Great pictures. I LOVE milkshakes. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  5. it’s 10:40am… i swear, i would go make a milkshake right now… if only i had ice cream.
    … off to the store!

    beautiful photos as usual.

  6. i like mine malted. and made in a blender. and i agree completely that a chocolate milkshake should be made with chocolate ice cream. i can NOT understand why it’s so often made with vanilla!

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  8. This is awesome, and yes. I think I might have one this evening. That’s saying a lot because I bought 3 desserts from the french bakery, so dang. 😉

  9. man. after. my. heart.

    THIS IS A MILKSHAKE. and milkshakes (and ice cream) especially of the chocolate variety are my weakness. your photo take on this delicacy was divine 🙂

    and nothing wrong with an oreo now and again either.

  10. the best part is the icy shards that are created where the milk and freshly carved out ice cream meet. my favorite part, actually, second only to eating it.

  11. Oh ! you really make me want to have a milkshake right now ! Unfortunately, here in France, i can’t have them as you just describe it … yes, i should do it myself ! Thanks for the rules.

  12. This may play on No. 4, but what about thickness? I like my shakes to be so thick that, when tipped upside down, it stays in the container. Every runny milkshake I’ve ever been served, I’ve sent right back until it gets made properly.

  13. As soon as I read the word milkshake, I knew I was done for. Milkshakes are my weakness, along with Steve Martin and choclate chip cookies. I had a tiramisu milkshake the other night at dinner. 3 olives triple espresso vodka, frangelico, and vanilla custard. OHMGGGGG.

  14. ….oh my gosh this sounds delicious im defo goin to attempt this tonight im off chocalte for lent but i dont tink dis constitues as proper chocolate does it..hehe…. ….I only live about 5 miles from a Wendys and I totally LOVE frosties I just dont allow myself the pleasure too often.

  15. haha – this is great man. You just can’t beat a really really good milkshake. We make them all the time. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I’ve followed your blog for quite some time now. I’m adding your blog link to my blog.

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