Spring so far….

Cool nights.
Lots of blue.
Jam from a friend. Lemon and grapefruit.
Bitter and sweet.
Afternoon showers. Thunder. The light that comes with it.
Dogwoods. The tree of my neighborhood.
Everything bagels. Everything on bagels.
My house plants realize it is spring, too. They look alive.
Hummus and cream cheese. On a bagel.
Cukes and tomatoes. Like water.
Late night chinese take-out.
Flatbread pizzas. Garlic butter, spinach, mozzarella, walnuts. My favorite.
Good butter. Even better chocolate banana bread.
Tuna salad. Chicken salad. Extra celery a must.
New plants.
Hot coffee mornings. Iced afternoons.

How is your spring so far?

31 thoughts on “April.

  1. wow i am loving all of these, but especially number 6. i need to get some windowsill plants like those.

    april is just whizzing by!

  2. Your photos are wonderful, they inspire me to live simply and happily. Each time a new post comes up, it makes me happy. Thanks for being still in an ever-moving world…

  3. there is something so cozy and comforting about your photos…like I just wanna hang out there in a big sweater (if its chilly) and drink tea and ponder….

  4. Gorgeous post, fantastic pictures and you made me laugh with the everything on bagels. I’m into fresh flowers, grapefruit & lemon poppy seed cake. Good mix I guess.

  5. you know me, tim. i am a woman of many words, but you have just rendered me speechless (photos are delicious as always…. but so nice to read your words too. lovely lovely)

  6. nice one, t. really a lovely stillness here, and a subtle shift from winter to spring – an underlying freshness that feels new.

  7. hello my name is kitchu. πŸ™‚ this is a place for me to tell you i love your photos.

    seriously. i don’t know anyone who makes the ordinary as extraordinary as you do. i don’t have enough room on my walls for the prints of yours i want hanging there.

    and my spring has been lovely, thanks for asking πŸ™‚

  8. it really is nice to see more and more green. i’m loving all of these so much. spring is starting to feel like spring here, thank god. welcoming the warmth! can’t wait to see more spring from you.

  9. Good stuff.
    For once your words strike me as much as your photos. Lovely. Your blog is like the best Online Dating Profile I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe women aren’t lined-up down the block. Or maybe they are.

  10. beautiful colors and scenes. my favorite is the fourth one, which has a kind of dreamy, filmic look. have a nice easter!

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