The Weekend…

I had a pretty calm weekend. It was rainy, cold, it snowed.(wtf?) Saturday I went and met up with some friends for a “Boozy Birthday Bash” which included very strong bloody mary’s, a wide variety of food, from quiche, soup, a farm-to-table salmon&lemon frittata, and liver cheese sandwiches, all followed by some ping pong and an intense game of Jenga. (Yes, Jenga) Sadly, none of that awesomeness is pictured here.

The rest of the weekend was spent mainly inside, eating, watching basketball, and taking pictures.

I had an itch to shoot film, so I spent a lot of Sunday doing just that.

I really like the first two pictures here.

Hope your week is off to a good start.
Back here soon with more film.


35 thoughts on “The Weekend…

  1. I love these, Tim. I agree the first too are especially wonderful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography with us!

  2. i wish i could favorite this whole post, so i could look at it easily over and over. i’ll just keep the window open for a while.

    and t? are these film? because, holy @#$%, i love them.
    (i’m really potty mouthed these days, huh?)


  3. thanks for stopping by on my blog!
    i used to come here but i never leave any comment..!
    the only thing i could say is congratulations for your beautiful pictures.

  4. the colors and light in these are absolutely stunning.
    do you mind if i ask what film you’re using?

  5. i love looking at your blog! you take such beautiful photos of such seemingly ordinary objects! my favorite image is the chair shot with the hanger. not sure why…..but i really love it! there is something romantic about it. thanks for sharing!

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