The Last of Winter…

A few of the photos taken on a recent retreat to Boone, NC. A group of us lock ourselves in a cabin for a weekend every year. We eat, drink, play games, watch movies. There is always a hot tub, plenty of beer and great views.

I didnt take very many pictures. Cameras and hot tubs don’t mix.

I have a spring post in the works. Its been warm the past few weeks.


13 thoughts on “The Last of Winter…

  1. I always love your photos and set aside more time to view your posts. Here in Australia we’re heading into Autumn so I’m still relishing any winter posts from the northern hemisphere to inspire me.

  2. An annual retreat. What a great idea. These pictures have so much to them that poor digital is lacking. You make something simple look so beautiful.

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  4. Ah, Boone. I live there. I also take a trip to a cabin once or twice a year… its a nice retreat. I really should go more! I love these photos, reminds me that I stay too busy and I need to take time to enjoy how beautiful everything is…

  5. I spent my childhood in Sugar Grove and Meat Camp, just outside of Boone; thank you for the photos. Where in Boone were they taken?

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