Colors of blue, red, yellow and a lot of green. Ivy covered windows, sharp light, flat ponds, coffee with peanuts, a few pocket watches and some light leaks.

All film from the mountains recently.

I have some friends in town. We are planning on some serious slow cooked barbecue, some games, and more than a few beers.

Have a good weekend.


39 thoughts on “Friday.

  1. dang. half of these look like the setting to Great Expectations, half are just really great.

    nicely done. here’s to the weekend.

  2. i was about to comment on every single shot on flickr then thought i could condense it into one massive “holy shit, these are amazing!”. you and film are tight, son! seriously, best series yet. thank you for sharing. and happy weekend to you.

  3. Tim ~

    These are absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful settings. Listen, I noticed you have some anomalies in some of the pictures. The one in the third photo was the most noticeable. I think you make have spirits in your home and on the property. Seriously! I know many people do not believe in such things, but I have a spirit that attached itself to me when I was 12 years old and has remained with me 41 years. Not only does it sometimes make an appearance in photos, but “Eddie” also plays pranks. Think me a kook if you will, but I’m reasonably certain you have one, if not more, spirits. I hope they’re all nice. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photography. You never cease to amaze and delight me with your photos!

  4. Beautiful work, Tim.
    I love all the greens and I have a thing for ivy growing on brick walls and around windows so those are right up my alley.

  5. I love the greenery all over the buildings. These photos are amazing. I also love the shot taken through the window of the boat. It speaks to me because so often I take photos in such situations and think that I’m not “allowed” to show reflections of myself or the surroundings and have to make sure they aren’t seen or not take the photo at all. I hate it when rules jump into your head at the moment of creativity or appreciation. It can be so stifling. Thank you for releasing me from that perceived rule!

  6. These are gorgeous – love all the green! Just found your space and can’t stop scrolling through pages and pages of photos – fantastic!

  7. These pictures are absolutely stunning. I’ve actually kept this page pulled up on my computer for a few days, because I keep scrolling through it.
    I especially like how skillful you are in low light situations.

  8. wow.
    all is soooo good.
    i love that deep and yet intimate color very much!!
    thank you for taking me up to the mountain you spent good time. :))

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  11. have just found you
    wow… dreamy, ethereal, picture postcard snapshots of place and time. i love your work
    i have a thing for feet in photos – they place you somewhere!
    am now following you on ig

  12. don’t know how i missed this post, t.
    these are just so good. so good.
    i’m like a broken record, so just pretend i wrote this on the next post, too. 😉

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