Over the past couple weeks I have found myself shooting less. Maybe 2-3 pictures a day, if that.  Im spending more time looking for that extra good light or the special moment. Im not forcing it.  I guess its  me being patient, but its frustrating.  My surroundings seem to be stale. Photos repetitious. I don’t know. Individually my pictures are not speaking to me like they use to.

But I hang on to the few collected images, maybe posting a few here and there on flickr, but I basically just wait and push them all in a file on the desktop.  I let them marinate together, if you will, working up a relationship.   I check back on them later and somehow, together, they sing.  I guess it takes time.  And while it may not be one great image by itself, its still something to me, something I want to share with you, something I like. I think thats why I blog.

So here are a few of my collected images over the past couple weeks.  These seemed to cling to each other the most.  Hope you like them.  I do.

I spent last weekend in the mountains shooting some film.  Hopefully Ill have something to share soon.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


27 thoughts on “

  1. i really like these.
    it is like watching paintings. beautiful tones, colours, how you gather light. and the knives. they cut the silence of pictures above. very inspiring.

  2. oh, tim. these are really wonderful. all of them together, each one. and i love the way you’re thinking about them.

    i’ve been feeling pretty stale myself lately. i think maybe i’m slowly coming out of it though.

    good stuff, t.

  3. I agree, there are numerous times when I look at my images and they don’t speak me. But I come back to them, days, months, sometimes years later and only then do they speak to me.

    Great collection of images!

  4. Because of my daily photo project I shoot regularly. But I haven’t shot much film lately. I miss it. I think it’s the lack of light in winter that keep me away from my analog camera. I’m trying to be patient, waiting for the good light and the right moments, but I’m not good at it.

    Beautiful collection of images, Tim.

  5. I like all of these together Tim, especially the one of the fence. I think there has to be an ebb and flow to creativity and inspiration. Time is needed to fill the well again. Happy Tuesday! xo, rach

  6. I think these are wonderful, but I can relate to the feeling of being bored with the subjects you encounter. Maybe its time to pack up your camera and go wandering and see what you find! I always love walks like these, especially in a part of town or somewhere I havent been before. Its exciting. 🙂 Have fun!

  7. I love the feelings you have shared here. You have said it so well. I’m certain we can all relate. Some are stand alones, others need the boost of an accompanying photo. This collection speaks peaceful, quiet moments. I love the white house peeking from under the tree.

  8. What every you are doing you are doing it right…the lighting in these photos is supurb. I am now going out to buy a purple cabbage…That photo is so rich!

  9. Each and every one of these is wonderful! I especially love the ninth one. Don’t know if you do much printing, but I’d love a copy of it. If you ever see anything of mine you’d like, let’s trade. (you don’t have a shop, do you?)

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