Ok, so I havent been taking a lot of pictures lately. Sorry.  I haven’t felt the inspiration or really had the time.  Maybe its the shorter days, the colder temps, the lack of light at 5 o’clock, I dont know.

However, last week I finally snagged me an Iphone. (!!!) I am a huge tech geek, loving all things that plug in or have batteries.  I especially love Apple products, mainly because I believe their computers and gadgets work so well.  Anyway, there is a great App called Instagram. (Thanks, Foster for introducing it to me)  Im sure many of you have heard of it.  Its quickly becoming the mobile flickr.  (Get on board if you are not already)

I may be late to the Instagram party, but better late then never, I love it. I take pictures with it throughout the day, of everything.  Sure its a bit of photo-cheating, with all the cool filters, color/light enhancements and somewhat poor quality.  But a picture is a picture right?  This blog is about documenting my life, my daily routine.  What I eat, where I go, who I’m with. I am not able to keep my fancy cameras with me all the time, so its nice to have something now to document the little things, the moments.  They say the best camera is the one you have with you.

Here are some photos taken over the past week with the Instagram App.

But if you are looking for some of my regular snaps, I’ll have some ‘real’ photos that I’ve been taking/collecting over the past few weeks to share soon.

If you have Instagram, follow me.  Username: timrobisonjr  But, I usually post them to my twitter if you dont have an Iphone.



20 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! I’m so happy to see a new post !
    I loooooooove the first one. It makes me think about Hemingway, don’t ask me why I have no idea !

  2. these are all really cool, t.
    and i agree, it’s about catching the moment, documenting your days for you and maybe, secondly, us all.

    and, that one of the bed and the blinds-shadow is so american gigolo!

    enjoy today.

  3. Love looking at bits and pieces of your life! And you are so right, the best camera is the one you have with you…

    I need to start using this app more often myself!

  4. i came across your blog today and am leaving incredibly inspired.
    to capture the everyday elements of life the way you do is incredible.
    thank you for seeing the world
    and for capturing it for others to see

  5. I am a 1st time visitor and saw some beautiful Instgram pictures, and so must have to drop a line saying I am also hooked on this Apps too ^_^

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