Life Recently.

Hey! Remember me?  Tim?  The guy in your computer? Well, I’m still here. Still taking pictures. I just have not had much time to post.

So, because of my lack of blogging, today I thought I would give you a nice big dose of images.  All film, too!

Life has been packed the past couple weeks.  I recently moved into a new house.  An old house full of character.  I love it.  A fireplace, chandeliers, glass kitchen cabinets, french doors, bookcases, and lots of great light.  Many of the photos above were taken while unpacking and sorting, so consider it your sneak peek.

I am working on a bunch of photo projects as well as some new sketch projects, too. Stick around.

Hope your autumn is going well.


43 thoughts on “Life Recently.

  1. Hi, Tim ~

    Great photos! I especially love the use of light and shadow in many of them. Very intriguing. Keep snapping those pictures!

    Congratulations on getting moved. It may take time to settle in, but once that’s done, you should be very comfortable, if the photos of the place are any indication. 🙂

  2. love the photos, and the lightingin in them is fantastic
    and I love how they are simple and so beautifull

  3. oh, lordy, tim. these are GOOD.
    can’t wait to see more of the finished new digs. but this sneak peek is awesome.
    that shot of the light on the wood floor? oh, yes.

    can’t wait to see what you’ve got going.


  4. Can there ever be anything wrong with a house that has french doors? Best Wishes on your new home. Your photos are beautiful, moody, lovely…

  5. Hi Tim!
    I was wondering where you were.
    Good to see you in my computer again : D
    You know..I’d live in your photographs if I can!!

  6. Once again, you’ve totally nailed each and every one of these photos. I’m moving house next week, it won’t be quite as beautiful as yours but we’re going to give it out best.

  7. Oh my, I love each and every one of these photos. We also have the same faucets! I love old houses..

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a good one.

  8. Wow wow wow.
    I thought it was time to comment once, since I have been loving your pictures for so long.
    Always inspirational and making me look at my life differently. Thanks!!

  9. son of a nutcracker! i want every single one of these shots on my wall. it appears the new place has inspired you. congrats on the move.

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