The Swayzes…


A recent couple shoot: The Swayzes.  Justin and Ashleigh never got to have an engagement session before their wedding.  They have been happily married now for a little over a year and finally have some casual photos of just the two of them.

We found a great  spot in a nearby park along the river, dragged out their great yellow chair and  stool and had some fun.  The afternoon sunlight was awesome, the mosquitos and heat….not so much.

These are some of my favorites.

Hope you like them.


16 thoughts on “The Swayzes…

  1. These photos are absolutely incredible. The light, the composition with the trees, the props, the couple. Everything is amazing. I want to perfect the art of shooting in that kind of lighting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. love, love, love, love, love. you can’t tell, of course, but that statement is accompanied by a little song and dance. an uncontrollable chair wiggle that comes out of me when i see something that makes me happy.

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