Some Green…

I thought I would stop in and leave you with some green to start off the weekend. I took a break the other day and went for a walk with my camera.   While I would love to pack up and move to a big city, hot mountain days and images like these remind me of how much I love it here.  ( Remind me of this post come ice-cold January, will ya?)

These were the favorite images from the walk.  I liked the vertical aspects of each.

Have a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “Some Green…

  1. Perfect, Tim!
    I’ll be on my way to the Alps in a week. I often feel that I could live in no other place than Paris. But right now I can’t wait to be surrounded by nature, mountains and lakes!!!

    PS: Count on me to remember you this post on icy cold January 😉

  2. Thanks for reminders of days when I could walk my grand parents’ land. I loved the woods, the creek, the herbs, wild flowers and the birds. I can still hear the wood peckers hammering away and the mocking birds’ songs. Oh, what a wonderful seven minute lapse of time and a journey back!

  3. it used to be such a constant for me and now that i am in the city, i rarely get out in the woods. these photos make me realize that i am in much need of time in the forest.

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