The Good Light…


Every space has its moment. The moment with really good light.  It might be an early hour in the morning, or the short time between evening and night. Maybe its the blue-gray glow during the rain or the two weeks in the dead of summer where the sun hits the shade just right.  It could be right near the window when all the lights in the house are off, or maybe its the middle of day when all the shades are pulled high.  Sometimes it happens twice, sometimes only once.  If you’re lucky, and that space is just right, the moment lasts all day.

I spent the week trying to capture these moments.  Hope you like them.


29 thoughts on “The Good Light…

  1. I love the soft light that sneaks into windows and plays among the objects in the room. That first one and the last three in particular are my favorite ways to see light. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think you captured it perfectly. I have been complaining lately about the poor light in my house…but perhaps I just haven’t been looking for it…Thanks!

  3. and capture them you did, in such a perfect way. wow! the light might be there but not everyone knows how to work their magic on it.

    “the virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking.”

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  5. Hi Tim, I just found your blog, and I really love the ethereal, almost ghostly (yet somehow very calm) quality of your pictures. I like the emptiness and the space. And the light that is so beautiful.

  6. “Every space has its moment. The moment with really good light.”…I love the way photography is about finding light. It’s about redeeming things that the darkness tried to make obscure.It’s not about just making things pretty. It’s about the way light shines on everything. It’s about hope and faith and beauty. Good photography reminds me of God.

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