St. Petersburg…

I had a blast in Florida.   I went with a great group of people. I laughed a lot, drank beer in the sun, ate seafood by the water, ate the best fish tacos and grouper ruben at a great beach bar, ( so good we went back the next night) and even got a little sunburned.

I thought I would share a large mix of photos today.  Honestly I didn’t take that many photos while I was down there.  (I think I was too busy having fun, maybe?)   These photos here sum up the trip pretty well, though.

Also, a big thanks to the ladies over at This Joy+Ride for featuring me.  If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and check it out.

Im off to New York tomorrow. Hope you have an awesome week.


18 thoughts on “St. Petersburg…

  1. Congrats on the feature, Tim! I’m loving all of these Summer shots, it’s making me wish I were in florida, laughing and drinking beer. Hope your Monday’s going well.

  2. I’m hoping you share the name of that fish taco restaurant for my next trip to that area of FL….Wonderful for you to be invited to This Joy + Ride!!

  3. Awww..phenomenal. Both the photos, the goodtimes and joy+ride.
    Fabulous Tim. You really should come up and visit us here in Toronto! 🙂

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