While in Florida last week we visited my grandmother, Nonie.  She is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  Her house hasn’t changed much since I was young.  She lives in great mid-century modern home on a small lake.  High ceilings, an open floor plan, and a huge wall of sliding glass doors that run the whole back side of the house. The rooms are very eclectic with a mix of art and the loads of great furniture. I wish I had snapped some pics of the inside.  She has got a pretty green thumb too. A huge collection of succulents, unique plants and a yard full of bamboo.

9 thoughts on “Nonie…

  1. Sounds like a gorgeous place. I love that succulent and the out of focus chairs in the background in that top photo–great composition.

  2. ehem… i would like to put an order in for a print of the very top photo. it’s magical… just like that day!

    (i’ll have my people contact your people.)

  3. One of my goals in life is to be called an awesome grandmother by my grandson:)…More lovely photos…I especially adore the first one…

  4. tim i was so impressed with your portfolio, and spent far to long exploring all the different creative avenues you seem to have mastered…
    so many different areas and concepts, i loved it

    thanks for sharing it all, i hope you keep updating that site


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