Green Windows…

I dont know about you, but it sure feels like summer to me.   I’ve been in the mountains lately and its been nice.  The flowers are gone and all you see are leaves.  The trees are full, the woods look over grown.  The afternoon thunderstorms roll in everyday telling me to take a nap.  I’ve got a fan in the window that I leave on all night. I ate homemade fried chicken with potato salad.  We grilled some corn and put it on a salad.  We burned a bunch of wood in the fire pit and smoked up the trees.  I had mountain trout fish tacos and washed it down with a local beer. ( too good)  I sat downtown and had drinks with friends.  I sat on the roof in the sun.  I made crumb cake for breakfast.  Im going to the beach on Monday.

Summer or what?

Hope your summer is kickin’ in wherever you are.


20 thoughts on “Green Windows…

  1. totally summer. it’s even 90 in vermont! love all of these window shots. enjoy the beach, friend.

  2. It’s definitely not summer here yet, in fact it reached only 59 degrees today, but we’re dreaming about summer anyway… and trips to the river with mason jars filled with whiskey ginger in tow. You take lovely photos.

  3. Ah your life sounds heavenly. I love sitting around a fire and enjoying thunder storms. Is it officially summer? It feels hot enough in Austin for it to be.

  4. I’m so jealous, this all sounds completely perfect! I love the overgrowth and these photos. Actually, I love it all all all.

  5. Ahh, I just LOVE your pictures, they are always so calm.

    Summer? Here? Ha. We’ve got rain and unbelievabele 58° F. Wanna switch? Nope?! Dang.

    Have a great weekend and time at the beach. I’m jelous nonetheless.


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