Windows and Dust…

I went down to Landrum, South Carolina yesterday to check out an old house my parents are looking at buying. Its a 4,600 sq ft craftsman style home built in the early 30’s.  It needs a ton of work, but its full of history and character.  Dark floors, wide mahogany moldings, crazy fireplaces, and windows everywhere.  You can help but love it.

The space hasnt been touch in years. The rooms are pretty much empty, except for the occasional odds and ends and pieces of furniture.   Why with old abandoned homes are there always things left behind?   The desk or dresser, the random cups and plates.  There is always a chair in a corner or a stack of books in the closet.   Why?  Why didnt they take everything?  It fascinates me.


25 thoughts on “Windows and Dust…

  1. i love the light in all of these, tim. and what an undertaking for your parents! if they do buy it, please take pictures along the way to it becoming a home again.

  2. All beautiful, but I love #8, #8, and #9.

    I guess we stopped caring about windows when we started having electricity out the whazoo. A shame.

  3. i used to stop by here almost every day
    but today i decide to let you a comment
    just saying that i really like your photos!

  4. tim… these photos kick all kinds of ass. i am in serious awe over here.

    i am also a huge fan of abandoned spaces and will enter one any chance i get (which, sadly, is not often enough).

  5. Love these; especially the last two. And as to the room being untouched, I don’t know. I hardly even use my room, but then that’s a whole different story haha. All that sleeping on the floor is going to mess my back up one day. It’s slowly becoming terrible.

  6. This is like stepping into a movie set…lovely images tim…I often wondered why some of things were left in the house I now own too…a kerosene lamp exactly like the one pictured was in one room…

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