Afternoon Streaks…

Woah. It has been the busiest two weeks ever. Tons of work, and very little time taking pictures.  But I am still here,  no worries!

I did have time to snap these pictures, though.  I think light streaks from windows are awesome. The blinds make such great patterns.  They pop up all around my house in the late afternoon and slowly change till dusk.

I will be back to posting regularly soon.  Many changes going on. (good changes) So bare with me.

In the mean time, I am so ready for this weekend–Several friends are coming to visit.

Have a great weekend.


19 thoughts on “Afternoon Streaks…

  1. i love light streaks too…the just last for a little while and this is also why they are so precious…they just decide when they would like to come back or not : )

  2. I just thought I would let you know I used you toasted cheese sandwich photo, it just fitted perfectly with the post …. plus it does really make me want one …. perfect Sunday night dinner !!!
    I plan to use a few more in upcoming posts …. they are so great . X

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