From The Weekend…

I had a great weekend.  My parents came to visit.  We did a lot of eating outside and garage sale shopping.  New beers, grilled eggplant, a big breakfast, sitting on the back deck at night, thunderstorms, a little packing/planning and a few visiting friends.  Good times

Saturday morning we went to the herb festival at the farmers market downtown.  We picked up a bunch of new herbs (and a couple tomato plants) and planted a good bit of them out back.  It was nice to get the soil turned over and get some dirt on the hands.    Each morning and night I go out and see what has changed.  I think you have to.  Maybe its a guy thing, but I could just sit there and watch all the sprouts and leaves.  Its also a good excuse to get outside.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, too. Thanks for the awesome comments on the last post.

See you soon.


14 thoughts on “From The Weekend…

  1. hi. i just really like these photos all together. you do a great thing at putting together a set of images.
    and it might be a guy thing. my tim came home from the airport a couple of weeks ago past ten pm, and walked around the yard in the dark to see what had changed while he was gone.

  2. Watching plants sprout is definitely not just a guy thing–I’m a lady and I feel like I check on my little apartment garden about 10 times a day, noticing any tiny changes and rooting for all my plants to grow big and strong.
    Your photographs are lovely, as usual, and the wooden planter in the fourth photo down looks great–I’d love to get one of those myself.

  3. It’s not just a guy thing. From the moment I stick a seed in the grown until it matures into an adult plant, I’m out checking it every chance I get. A plant is like a baby, something to care for, watch as it grows up, sometimes there’s up and downs, but you feel so proud and are rewarded every step of the way.

  4. Some great looking herbs and pails of dirt. I’m looking forward to getting out this weekend myself and purchasing the first plants of the season (Not sure exactly where you live, but it appears to be a few weeks ahead in the spring season than in Chicago). It’s great to hear what you’re up to as of late

  5. it looks lovely! i’m with you on the “checking how the herbs are doing” mine hasn’t come out of the ground yet and i’m looking anyway : )

  6. sounds like a great weekend. as always, lovely images.

    i also enjoy sitting on my porch just watching sprouts and plants. in a way, it sounds like it should be boring–but it’s not, it’s relaxing.

  7. This post is a big reminder that I better get going on the herb thing if I want the same abundance as last year!
    Sounds like you had a phenomenal weekend! Hope the week is going just as well!! 🙂

  8. My herbs are really starting to rock and roll. The oregano is very healthy. The basil is a little sick looking. It got cold a few weeks ago, but I think it’ll be ok. The arugula and the dandelion have just started to take off. I too go out into the back at night to check on their progress.

  9. Love your photographs, found you after leaving a comment on Brian Ferry’s blog … and I must say I’m glad I did …… I would love to post some of your photographs on my blog sometime !!!

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