Spring Lately…


Things have been super busy lately. They should slow down soon, though.  However that hasn’t stopped me from going outside and enjoying the season.  You just have to, right?  It must be a rule.


Some of my mid-spring things.

-Afternoons on the couch with the windows open. The sunlight is too good.  ( The pollen however…)

-Extra long walks with the dog.  It is crazy green everywhere.

-New smells inside and out.   Switched to new organic soaps, detergents and body washes around the house. Very… earthy smelling.

-Plaid shirts.

-New sandals

-The abundance of small plants and succulents around the living room. Its pretty awesome.

-Rosemary on everything. (especially with lemon and chicken on the grill)  My herb garden is starting to get good.  My rosemary and cilantro are out of control.

– The vines on my front porch. ( Also out of control)

-Grilled pizzas with good beers. ( Mozzarella & blue cheese, onions, sweet italian sausage–try it)

– Color popping up in the strangest places.

-Simply being outside.


Hope your spring is going well, too.


18 thoughts on “Spring Lately…

  1. What a great title, photos and declaration of all things Spring. Spring is my favorite time of year (even with pollan—which doesn’t appear to like me as of late). It takes me by the heart and leads me to all places green.

  2. ah, spring is my favorite!
    beautiful post, tim-in both words and pictures.
    hope you are enjoying some spring loveliness at this very moment 🙂

  3. These are just gorgeous–they create such a strong sense of atmosphere when viewed together. Just discovered your blog–love it. 🙂

  4. Your images completely capture spring. And the fourth image?! Oi, it just screams Uta Barth, which I happen to think she is amazing, as well as your photo. :]

    Happy Spring.

  5. Tim! I’m hoping those succulents are yours and you can tell me what to buy. I recently saw a design project involving succulents…but I have no idea what type of plant to use. Aloe? Cactus? Help!

  6. i agree with the rosemary thing. i made a pork loin the other night covered in salt and pepper, lemon pepper and rosemary. delish.
    cool photos by the way.

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