Tuna Melts…

Do you like tuna melts?  Well I do and they are quite good.

Tuna melts have been around forever.  You always hear about them and they are always on the menu at those 24hr diners. I’ll admit, they can seem a little scary at certain places but they are a classic, so give them a try.

I made mine at home this time but put a little twist on it.

To make:

I use canned Tuna. ( in olive oil) In a bowl I add lots of dill, S&P to taste, lemon juice, chopped capers or green olives ( which ever you have) diced celery, half a spoonful of good dijon mustard (This helps fight the possible fishy flavor many don’t care for) and a good spoonful of mayo. Mix.

A lot of times tuna melts are pressed. I didn’t want to loose the fluff of the bread ( It is usually served on rye)  so I throw it under the broiler to melt the cheese.

Top with grilled onions and eat up!

Give it a try.


9 thoughts on “Tuna Melts…

  1. This inspired me to make our house tuna salad over the weekend. Piled high on baguettes with cheddar and panini pressed. I should have piled on some grilled onions as well…next time!

  2. *dribble* Never had one before. Writing the shopping list out now! Yum.

    ps- mine will probably taste like a Hobos sock. Yes, i burn boiled eggs!

  3. Ah, this looks and sounds delicious except for the dill. I’ll give it a try someday soon (without the dill and the olives;-).
    Beautiful pictures.

  4. I’m so trying this when I get home. A bottle of Jones soda exploded in my bag so I couldn’t eat whatever it was that I packed for lunch.

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