Breakfast Recently…

So a few weekends back I hit up the farmers market and picked up a great loaf of bread for breakfast.  It was a whole grain wheat with walnuts, cranberries and golden raisins.  I grabbed some muscadine jelly to spread on top, too.    The loaf was quite large so I keep the bread in my freezer and slice off a thick piece each morning. I like it a bit toasted  with room temperature butter.    Mornings have been busy recently, so its a nice quick and filling fix.


The weather has been amazing lately. We hit 91 degrees yesterday.  I have been spending too much time outside. ( even though the pollen right now is killer.) Its not too good for my productivity.  Tonight I think we are going to throw some thick pork chops on the grill, roast some potatoes and chill out on the deck.

Have a good one!


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