Mountain Sunsets…

I am originally from Florida.  I always thought that the beach was the best place to watch a sunset.  I mean, when you think of sunsets you think of the beach, right?  Moving to the mountains changed all that.  There is something about woods and a setting sun that gets me.  Throw in mountain range and you’re good.

Last night we had the best sunset.  I grabbed my camera and went down to this abandoned vegetable field we have near by and took pictures.  The last one is my favorite.  Seeing a bright orange ball in the woods, off in the distance, is too awesome.


It is so warm this weekend.  We are planning on doing everything outside.  Friends, food, grilling, cold beer, bonfires- All good things.

Hope you all have a great weekend.   See you next week.

– Tim

17 thoughts on “Mountain Sunsets…

  1. These are all gorgeous shots, Tim.
    I didn’t realize you lived in the mountains…nice 🙂
    All of your weekend plans sound absolutely right.
    Have a good one.

  2. somtimes, like this time right now, i feel pretty damn stunned by your photos!
    there’s a very harmonic mood in your work, and your food photos are just so apetiting.
    i’m hungry every time after i’ve been here…

    take care / m

  3. lordy, tim. somehow the blog dropped off of my screen, and so tonight i got to look at all of these photos at one time. you.are.good.
    what do you do in real life? just photos? drawings? or like my tim, do you have to have a day job? just wondering.

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