Inside: Part 3…

I have the best bed in the world. No, really.  You may think you do, but it is only because you haven’t tried mine.  My bed is my favorite spot in the house.  ( Apparently it is my dogs, too.  Wonder why?)

My bedroom is really two places in one.  It is where I sleep, but it is also my studio.  I would say I spend about 50% of my day in my bedroom/studio. ( Im in it right now!)  All my work and creative endeavors take place here.  I have a giant desk made of butcher block that I snagged at a garage sale for 30 bucks. ( One of my greatest finds.  I almost felt bad taking it from the poor woman for so cheap…almost.  It will forever be my favorite piece of furniture.)  On my desk are endless objects during the day.  My computer, my camera, pens, pencils, piles of different types of papers, coffee, tea, water, sketchbooks of various sizes,  pocket change.  It an organized mess if that makes sense.

Above my desk and around my room are my art walls.  Everywhere I have lived has had an art wall. Its a wall of inspiration and memories.  Some of it is my art, some others. My friends will often draw images just to hang them up. ( Those are my favorite.)  There are letters, photographs, coasters, tickets, a giant styrofoam polar bear head. ( Dad got it for me when I was ten.  Its a must on the wall.)  Each piece has some memory tied to it.    Its always growing, and always changing.   Sometimes when my ceiling fan is on too high the papers will rattle on the wall.  Its a good sound.

My bedroom is small, but it works.  The light is great in the morning and even better in the afternoon.  Music is always on, and the bed is never made.


Read more about this abstract tour and other spaces in my house here and here.

Hope you all are enjoying this little project.  I am.

Have a good one,

– Tim

9 thoughts on “Inside: Part 3…

  1. the photos are stunning and i envy you the whiteness and the art. that bear is terrific.

    that being said, i cannot co-exist in a functional working relationship with my bed. too tempting, too distracting. i envy the fact that you can make it work too…

  2. i admire that you can resist the temptations of the most comfortable bed in the world while you’re working! I’m with Enia, I gotta be in a separate room as be bed…

    p.s. i love those polar bear ears! and these series of photos!

  3. what a great post Tim…I love the first blurry image….this rooms seems like a real favorite room : ) would love to see your desk too

  4. I enjoy so much this “inside” project and I’d love to see that desk.
    I agree so much with you and the art walls.
    And thank you so much for adding me in the favourites list, I’m so thrilled !
    Have a lovely day Tim !

  5. was it brandon boyd who sang “here in my room, love is a verb”? just a thought. haha..

    if i do this project of your’s, it takes only a single post to cover all parts of my house. these tokyo apartments are damn small!

    anyway, good looking around here. its been awhile since i dropped by here!

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