A New Favorite…

Lately I have been on a taco kick ( for lunch at least).  They are quite easy to fix, there are a million combinations and you can make them in little  or no time.

Today I tried something new.  I wanted a quesadilla but I didn’t have any of the normal cheese you would include.  I did though have a ball of fresh mozzarella.  I took onions, garlic, some strips of sirloin, tons of cumin and this adobe spice I have, s&p and threw it all in the pan.  Heated through the tortillas and topped everything with lime juice, an insane amount of cilantro ( you can never have to much)  and crumbled the fresh mozzarella on top.   The fresh mozzarella turned out to be fantastic inside.    Its going down as a new favorite twist on tacos.  Try it.

Hoping to get back outside soon.  I have been super busy and it seems I only have time to photograph what I eat.  Stay tuned…


17 thoughts on “A New Favorite…

  1. Oh my, I’m hungry already.

    Great pictures, great blog, just found you via “an open Sketchbook”.

    Have a great weekend.

    Cheers, San

  2. These tacos look great, very authentic (maybe not the mozzarella, but sounds tasty anyway). I’ve been on a bit of a taco phase in Chicago lately, you definitely capture the right size and amount of cilantro. Also love how crispy the tortilla looks.

  3. hi tim!
    i just found your blog, this weekend and love it.
    i tried the tacos with the mozzarella. is it okay to link back to you, for tomorrows post??

    : )

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