Im not quite sure what I would do without lemons, I buy them by the bag full. They are a staple in my diet and I always have them in a bowl somewhere in the house. ( usually not in the kitchen as they are quite nice to look at.)

Lately I have been using them in and on everything. No really, everything. A recent trip to the doctor put some things into perspective and I need to cut back on my sodium and caffeine. ( Two of my absolute favorite things! What will I do!?) I am a very healthy guy. I eat great, I’m not over weight, I drink plenty of water.  I just have high blood pressure and always have. They dont know why, they dont know how, but they say I gotta get it down. So in my efforts to consume less sodium I have been squeezing a little lemon juice over what ever I am eating in place of table salt. Honestly, it works great, sometimes better than salt itself. Give it shot, you’ll be surprised.

A solution for less caffeine is another story… I love me some coffee in the morning. Maybe I’ll cut back to just one cup…maybe.

In other news, the weather was awesome this past weekend. You know the weather that literally drags you outside. The kind that makes you forget you own a TV or computer. We spent all day out on the back deck, had friends over, ate a HUGE meal cooked almost entirely on the grill, and then sat with drinks until late in the evening. If only everyday was like that.

Have a good one…


19 thoughts on “Lemons…

  1. Lemons in place of salt…that’s something I’m going to have to try. My husband has high blood pressure which is very difficult to manage without medication. I’ve switched to Mrs. Dash for his food, and cut down on salt in my cooking but he eats out for lunch which really doesn’t help. A while back I had to cut out coffee and all caffeine (even decaf) because of acid reflux. It wasn’t a difficult decision (even though I was drinking 4 cups a day and loving it) because it was literally making me sick. Switching to rooibos and herbal chais mixed with some milk and sugar helped me get through those darks times :). Needless to say, I stayed off of coffee for a whole 6 months before jumping back on the bandwagon…it doesn’t make me sick anymore but I still need to watch it.

  2. We had some lemon juice (fresh squeezed, of course) with our dinner tonight, made it yummy. Will have to start trying it out on more things now. Love the photographs, makes me want to go out and get a ton to photograph!

  3. Could not agree more about lemons. Love them, love them, love them. On EVERYTHING. Also, if I didn’t already feel that way, these pictures would’ve swung me over. Gorgeous.

  4. i’m quite the lemon fan myself – great shots! sorry to hear you have to cut back on those things due to high blood pressure – coffee and salt, but using lemon instead of salt sounds like a pretty good alternative. and yes pancakes every. single. day if possible : )

  5. you can go caffeine free. i went caffeine free a few years ago and feel great. i drink decaf coffee now and, though it’s not as good, i still get the RITUAL of coffee. which i love.

    • Thats a good point. Coffee is very much a ritual for me. Sometimes its for the caffeine sometimes not. Ill just have to tell myself that its not decaf. Thanks!

  6. Simply charming lemons and as always, gorgeous photos!!
    Brutal news about the caffeine and high blood pressure,etc.

    I cut out coffee for 3 months while I was on a ‘local eating’ challenge. I may try it again this summer…I drank a TON of tea made with freshly grown mint, lemon verbena,etc. Delicious. Definitely the ritual…although I was happy to go back to coffee as well.

  7. sounds like such an awesome weekend! i’ve been trying to cut out the caffeine from my diet as well and it’s been a hard task!

    i love loove these photos. the color and light are incredible.

  8. Oh poor you! I LOVE salt! But the lemon sound like a pretty good idea! Also istead of coffe, I sometimes drink coffe made from chicory, not quite the same, but okay if you have some imagination!

  9. ooo, love the shot of the yellow bag. lemons in place of salt, eh? glad i don’t have blood pressure problems. though you’ve inspired me to use lemons a little more. thanks!

  10. I love these lemon photos! I never knew they could be an alternative to salt. I usually forget to put salt on anything so this is cool to know.

  11. Lemons are my staple. I use them daily, in everything. Best thing in the morning is hot water with fresh ginger and lemon. Promise.

    These shots are great, Tim.

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