Inside: Part 2…

My kitchen is where I spend a lot of time. Cooking is very much a part of my daily routine.  I always find time to cook.

My kitchen is not the largest, but it works.  I used to hate it. It was small, cramped, I had no counter space. ( I still dont)  It all made cooking a challenge.  But after a while everything grew to find its place and I learned to adapt.

The mornings are the best.  The kitchen faces east and everything is primarily white.  Its very bright, blinding sometimes.

Constants in my kitchen include:

My dog:  Always in the way.  Always waiting for a crumb.

Butter: Room temperature is a must.

Coffee:  Always.

Pantry:  I try to keep it stocked.  Never know what you will want to cook.

Spices:  I have far too many.  Its a little crazy.


Happy St. Patricks Day.

See the first part of this little project here.

6 thoughts on “Inside: Part 2…

  1. oh i am just adoring this project of yours. you are so lucky to have lovely lighting in your kitchen. my dog never went for crumbs much but when i broke out the popcorn machine, he was right by my side. 🙂

  2. hahahaha…in that first picture, I was thinking…blonde wig???*LOL*

    the lighting is great and I love your constants! (esp the coffee!)

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