B&W Part 2…

Here are a few more shots from some B&W rolls I shot a few weekends back.  They are nothing too special, but I think they all look good together.  This roll doesn’t look as expired as the previous one.  I’m really liking difference in the snowy window image posted here, and the one I posted before

I had a pretty nice weekend. Food and drinks, movie, friends, a concert, all good times.    The head cold is still hangin’ around, but Im feeling better.  Thanks to those of you who posted great remedies.

( My favorite was putting whiskey in my tea.  Very good)

See you all here tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “B&W Part 2…

  1. These are fun!
    Love the chandelier/bookcase and the window at the bottom of the stairs best! Lovely 🙂

    Glad you are feeling a bit better!

  2. oh whiskey, how i love thee. hope you feel better soon. gorgeous shots, by the way. and you are right. sometimes photos look better when grouped and this series is beautiful.

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