Inside: Part One…

As I mentioned before, I have been working on a new project.  I wanted this project to feel a bit more personal. An exploration. I think Ill call this project …Inside.

I love seeing daily routines, lifestyles, things.  The way people live, their constants. I also love seeing what they live in, their space.

Interiors and food have to be my two favorite things to photograph.  You all see what I eat, a lot ( maybe too much?) So to switch gears a bit, I thought, why not show my interiors/lifestyle through a series of post. A journey through my house.

I find my photography style constantly changing, so I wanted this project to be a bit more abstract.  Very simple photos,  moments if you will, sometimes just of light or texture. I want to capture the details that I find most appealing. To show the space in a pure raw form.  To explore.

To start, I will share my bathroom.  A very small space, but it is one of the brightest spots in the house.  The light changes through this space constantly. I love it.

I hope you like them.

Also, since you are getting a peak into my world, go ahead and find out a bit more here.  Catherine, over at Parismages has posted an interview with me.  Check it out. ( Thank you, Catherine)

15 thoughts on “Inside: Part One…

  1. i’m looking forward to the house tour! like you i really like to see how other people decorate and arrange their homes. my favorite of these four is the last one with the toothbrushes casting shadows on the wall. a little bit dramatic and david lynch like (don’t ask me why) : )

  2. Fun project!
    I love natural lighting in homes and bathrooms & bedrooms make great ‘subjects’ because they are always so much more private than other spaces.


  3. Love the idea of this project …the photos are beautiful….and I enjoy the abstract nature of them…Simple yet beautiful…

  4. i love photographing other people’s homes, but lately, i just can’t be inspired by the spaces in my own apartment. i’m sure your photos will motivate me to start seeing my home differently! looking forward to seeing more.

  5. It was a pleasure !!! I’ll be waiting to look at your next pictures. It’s a great theme to work on and the photos in this post are just gorgeous !

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