B&W around the house…

So I finally got my B&W film back last night.  (one roll at least)

I have been wanting to shoot black and white for a while now. You notice the light in a picture so much more.

The film was expired. I found it under my desk and thought I’d give it shot.   I think they turned out ok.  The color seems way off, not to mention I have a cheap scanner.  But I like the texture with the almost sepia tones.

These are just are a few. I will share more in the coming week.

Have a great one.


7 thoughts on “B&W around the house…

  1. i love expired film and i love black and white, but i’ve never really seen them together. i think these are wonderful with the grain and slightly off tones.

  2. tim! i like these photos a lot. the second photo is breathtaking! like what i said the first time i saw your colored photos, you’re good at handling light. the b&w proves that more.^^

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