Liking Lately…

This week has been one of those weeks. You know when you barely have time to eat?  The work has finally slowed down and Im very ready for the weekend.

So I thought I would share the few photos I took lately.  Some food and things I am currently loving.

– I got these great fingerling potatoes for roasting and some awesome yukon golds for breakfast.  So good.

-I  finally got a plant for the house. Its leafless, succulent, and requires little or no maintenance.  Im not sure what it is, but its pretty awesome looking, no?

( you might think it is dead, but its not.  promise.)

-Chocolate chip pancakes with milk.  Need I say more?

Hope you all had a great week.

Have a good weekend.

– t

13 thoughts on “Liking Lately…

  1. such a lovely plant. succulents have always been my favourites. as for the breakfast pancakes, I’m slightly jealous.
    I might have to make some for myself tomorrow.

  2. Lovely pics. They look like sweet potatoes that we just boil those and peel them to eat. Yums. Does the fingerling potato taste different from regular ones?

    • I dont notice a difference when I eat them…a bit creamier, maybe? The purple ones are fun, but their color seems to turn all the rest of the potatoes purple when they cook…

    • I wish I could say I made the pancakes from scratch but I just used a box. I just throw in mini-semi sweet chocolate chips while cooking. I will say, let your pancake batter sit for a bit before cooking.(5 mins) The batter will rise quite a bit and you will get fluffier lighter cakes.

  3. hi tim! did you cook those pancakes? if you did, damn you’re a pro! they look just right. i keep on burning mine. i have united colors plate of pancakes after.^^

  4. Succulents are my absolute fave– for both their kooky appearance AND the low maintenance 😉

    Mutually happy to have found your blog!

  5. I have one of these plants. We call it a “pencil cactus”. And actually, mine looks more like a tree now at about 10ft. They multiply like crazy too.

    I’m new to your site. You have lovely pictures here. I’m still digging into it, looking for the artwork! 😉

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