Well I made it to the mountains. However, an unexpected snow has fallen.  ( its still falling as I type)

Its nice, but its sorta putting a damper on the plans we had. ( i like this image though)

I also put a bunch of B&W film in my camera.  Excited to get them developed.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Ill be reading, watching the Olympics and seeing friends.

See ya next week.

11 thoughts on “Mountains…

  1. i like this too! looks so peaceful from inside the room. i can only daydream in this kind of weather.
    im looking forward to your b&w. stay warm!^^

  2. tim this picture is amazing. we have no snow out here on the west coast (which i usually am grateful for) but this photo and your words make me want to curl up by a fir and watch the snow fall for hours.
    what camera do you use?

  3. Thanks guys. Snow can be a bummer, but it sure looks nice. Its a love hate relationship.

    Anna- I use a Canon 50D. This one turned out looking like film though. ( thats always a good thing)

  4. What great photographs, at the moment I am sweating in Australia, that snow looks so divine….. also adore your cheese sandwich photo, yum. keep up the great work

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