Lebanon two ways…

Lunch has been a quick routine lately…but its still been pretty good.

I got this great lebanon bologna.  (seriously, if you have never had it…go buy some. very good.)  Worked great on an open faced sandwich with some gruyere.

Was even better on greens with a dijon vinaigrette.

Busy rest of the week.  Hope to get back here soon.



3 thoughts on “Lebanon two ways…

  1. Oh man.
    First off I love salami…(esp. Genoa ones) and this kinda (and googles*LOL*) very much like summer sausage. YUM! And cheese…well, just don’t get me started!

    I love that you put it in a salad. Would never thought of that! Thanks.
    Loving all the wood grain in that third image!
    Hope your week isn’t too crazy!


  2. wow. i grew up on lebanon bologne sandwiches and people always make fun of me in NYC when i try ordering it from a deli. the salad is especially intriguing. nice blog!

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