Quick fix…

In my efforts to keep up with my goals this year, here is a little something I ate yesterday.  ( shot in complete artificial light.  my apologies.)

I am a lover of tomatoes.  There is nothing better than a fresh tomato sandwich, tomatoes with homemade blue cheese dressing, or even a whole tomato with just a little salt.  ( eaten like an apple)  . They are so simple and so good.

Yesterday though, I took some cherry tomatoes, threw in some feta, added balsamic vinegar, a little sugar and some s&p and had myself a great quick fix.

It needs to be summer.  Tomatoes are everywhere in the summer.


6 thoughts on “Quick fix…

  1. I had cherry tomatoes yesterday night and posted a photo today too 😉

    I don’t get to take a lot of pictures in natural light lately. Days are short and so dark here.

  2. Oh hey..I made mini pizzas the other night…and guess the only toppings? Tomato and feta! Yumm..it’ll be up on my Jamie Oliver is Not My Boyfriend food blog later this week ;). We all must be craving a lot of veggies with this weather.

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