Todays Lunch…

I made a goal with myself this year to try and eat better.  I love to cook, but we all know cooking takes time and thats something I do not always have.  So I am going to try and plan what I eat ahead of time.   In efforts to work on my photography ( also a goal this year) I’ll  try and take some snap shots before I eat it.  We all know healthy food looks better through the camera then junk food, so hopefully these two goals will work hand in hand.

Lunch today  was a curry turkey burger with a cucumber yogurt sauce ( which I am currently addicted to–especially with little breadsticks as a snack–top photo)  Side of artichoke and tomato pasta salad.

It was good.

Have a great weekend.


14 thoughts on “Todays Lunch…

  1. hi tim! thanks for visiting my blog!^^
    your’s is amaaaaazing! you have great control of light. i’m gonna bookmark you now, hehe.

    can i include you in my blogroll which im going to post in my blog one of these days?
    i hope it’s okay with you!


  2. Hi Tim, I really like these shots of cooking the burger. And I think it’s a great idea to use photography as a catalyst for eating better. You have created more mood in the cooking of a hamburger than I’ve seen in a long time.. great stuff.

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