A few weeks back while driving around, we came upon this great old abandoned barn.  It was right around sunset and the light was fantastic.  Very gold.  Here are a few snaps.  I especially like the top two together.

It went back to cold and rainy today.  Heres to some nicer weather this weekend.

Have a good one

– t

12 thoughts on “Golden…

  1. truly golden! ahh so nice to look at these pictures in warm colors and pale sunlight. love the vignetting on the first photo. are these analogue photos? have a great friday!

  2. Hi Tom, those pictures make me miss the sun so much. Can’t wait for springtime to come. I especially love the third one. Have a good weekend!

  3. these are incredible, along with the most recent post
    i’m curious if you use film often? .. or what it is that you use or do
    ’cause these turned out great

    have a good weekend as well

    • I am trying to get into film. ( I love the results) It just takes time and money. I usually shoot with my Canon 50D. Sometimes I will tweak the colors in photoshop, but most of the time I just leave them alone.


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