Winter Baking…

There is something about baking that is so rewarding.  I am thinking its the waiting game.  The fact that you can see through the oven window, watching it rise, smelling it.

I think 2010 will be a pretty big waiting game as well.  There is a lot I want to accomplish.  Especially when it comes to my photography.  It will all take time, and finding time to do all of them will be a challenge, but i’m up for it.  The waiting game will all pay off in the end, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Winter Baking…

  1. I like your thoughts on waiting very much and the food you tease us with looks amazing. This is inspiring to roll up the sleeves and cook a little more!

  2. it was pretty funny when i saw this post…
    we had literally just put some creme brulees in the oven, closed the door, sat down, i pulled up my google reader and saw your photos of, well, more creme brulee. ha
    nice work man, yours look better

  3. To me there is soemthing really special about baking. I am hooked on baking bread using a method from Jim Lahey’s My Bread book. He makes his bread with very little yeast and he let’s it rise for 16 hours. He then bakes it in a covered bot in a 475 degree oven. The bread is fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. It’s by far the best bread I have ever made and I can’t stop baking it. I have made bread about 5-6 times in the last 2 weeks.

    Your bread looks terrific.

  4. I just found your blog through your Flickr, it’s so beautiful!
    Also I can totally relate, there is so much I need to learn about photography. It’s something I wish I can do this year. I don’t know why I say that when it’s not even new year anymore. Oh well…

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