More Chicago…



It was very cloudy in chicago. Most of the time there was no sun. It left everything looking grey.  These photos here depict that pretty well.

The second image is of the ‘Skydeck‘ at the Sears Tower. (now called the Willis Tower) They are three glass boxes suspended out away from the building.  When you walk out, its like you are floating.  I didnt think I would be that nervous when I got out there.  I was wrong.  Your brain and body simply tell you something is not right.  I quickly stepped back on to the 104th floor of the building.

The second to last image was the view out of our hotel window early one evening.  We stayed at Hotel 71. A great hotel, very modern, very clean, very awesome.  It was located right on the river, in the center of the city.  If you are familiar with the most recent Batman Movie ‘The Dark Knight’, they filmed a few scenes here.  Pretty cool.


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